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Broadcast real time text news over the company network to all connected recievers. Also display notes locally as known from previous versions. The built-in time control extends MemoTicker 3 to a powerful project management tool. Using MemoTicker, you display your notes and memos in a ticker on top or bottom of the screen - similar to the known stock exchange or news tickers in TV. No matter how many notes you create, you always keep track with them all - without additional required space on your monitor. As a special feature, a sophisticated time control turns your ticker-line into a powerful time management system. You can display your notes permanently or at selected dates. A powerful and easy to use timing control assists you with creating date-controlled notes. By just a few mouse clicks, taking just a few seconds time, you create sophisticated timings like "Broadcast this message (show this note) on every last Tuesday of the month, and also on the two days before!". MemoTicker 3 is a tool offering both foreground and background usability. If there are news or notes existing, and their timing correspondends to current time, they will be broadcasted, respectively displayed on the ticker. Notes without timing control will also be permanently broadcasted, respectively displayed. If the display width of all current notes falls below the over-all width of the ticker, the display will be static. If it exceeds the over-all width of the ticker, the text will roll endlessly.

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